Welcome to the new version of our site!

Besides www.vizsla.hu you also reach us at www.magyarvizsla.hu too!

Why is it good to register?

As a registered user you can:

  • place your ads
  • answer to the ads of other people
  • upload photos in the photo gallery
  • use the Forum to read interesting tips, ideas and chat with other dog owners

Non-registered members have the possibility to browse through the ads, look at the uploaded photos and read the comments in the Forum.


Simply choose your user name and password and give us an email address. We’ll immediately send you a link with your account. You just have to confirm it then, and that’s it, you’re ready to use the services!

Services the site offers to its registered users

  • Adverts

    You can post your adverts! Just select the right category, type your ad (max. 1000 characters) and select the validation time of your ad (2-3-4 weeks or even 2 months). You can upload photos as well if you want to (max. 5 pics, max. size: 2Mb/pic)

    You can easily send a message via Vizsla.hu to the user who posted the ad!

  • Pictures

    You can upload pictures to show the world your dog, plus you can comment on the other photos! Pictures can be commented on by any registered members!
  • Forum

    It’s a forum for our users! Besides sharing useful information it’s a place for asking and giving advice/tips as well. All registered users can start a new topic or join any discussions they want to.

We hope that you’ll like the new site and all the services it offers now! Please let us know your ideas concerning Vizsla.hu!

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